Amplified Sounds

 a range of products and services to make your business accessible to the 12 million people with hearing loss. Improving access for customers and employees with hearing loss will help you attract more customers, increase your income, boost staff morale and put corporate social responsibility at the heart of your business. 

In meetings / conferences

Remote Microphones

The acoustics in conference rooms are often poor, and if the speaker is far away it’s even harder to hear them speak. By placing a remote microphone closer to the person speaking, others will be able to hear them loud and clear in their hearing aids without being affected by all the noise around the room or by the distance between them and the speaker. Click the button below to view an example of a remote mic, care of Phonak.

FM Systems

FM systems are similar to remote microphones, but they use radio waves to transmit sounds. This means, several people can pick up the same signal from one transmitter, which makes this system easier to use in large boardrooms as the speaker doesn’t have to carry several microphones. For FM Systems product information click below and check out the FM systems section.

On the phone

Amplified Telephones

Amplified telephones look and work just like a normal phone but come with extra nifty features. These phones have a volume-boost button for louder voices, tone control for clearer voices, higher ringer volume, bright flashing lights when the phone rings, big buttons and ‘hearing aid compatibility’. Allowing the phone to work with any hearing aid that has a hearing loop (T) setting. 

In everyday settings

Bluetooth Streamer

These can be useful for people who have to work in a variety of sound environments, for example, from a quiet meeting room to a noisy open plan office. Bluetooth streamers not only allow a person to receive the audio of a Bluetooth device directly into their hearing aids, but they also allow them to control the sound of their hearing aids. This means that they can personalise the sound settings easily, depending on their circumstances.  Click the button below to view an example of a Bluetooth 'Streamer Pro,' care of Oticon.

Sound Alert

It’s hard to understand how important sound is to our everyday lives until hearing becomes difficult. Sounds like a ringing phone, beeping of the microwave, smoke alarms, and honking cars let us know what’s going on around us and alert us to danger.

Sound Alert apps can be used as a second set of ears and can alert people with hearing loss to these sounds by making their phone flash or vibrate when it hears noises that are specified.

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier makes audio more clear and easier to hear on your Android phone, therefore great to use in loud places like loud cafes and airports. It works by increasing quiet sounds and not over-boosting loud sounds. It has the ability to customise sound enhancement settings and apply noise reduction with simple slider and toggles. Sound Amplifier is compatible with Android 9 or later phones.

In public settings

Loop Systems

Some public places like cinemas, theaters and public buildings have a teleloop installed. The teleloop works by sending out a wireless sound that is then received in the telecoil’s hearing aid, which allows the person to hear the movie or sounds directly in their hearing aid. Teleloop is available wherever you see the icon displayed and is generally available in public places.

Smarthphone accesbility features

Smartphone Accessibility Features

To find out more about the accessibility features that you can take advantage of on your smartphone, and which model would best suit your needs check out the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI.

GARI provides a comprehensive accessibility rating on a wide range of smartphones brands.

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