a range of products and services to make your business accessible to the 12 million people with hearing loss. Improving access for customers and employees with hearing loss will help you attract more customers, increase your income, boost staff morale and put corporate social responsibility at the heart of your business. With the number of people with age-related hearing loss set to rise, are you  taking action? Whether you need a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter at a job interview or a hearing loop for your reception desk, Louder than Words will help your staff and customers enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

Hearing Checks

Get our hearing checked online with Triton Hearing or the WHO App and website. 


Captioning for meetings, person to person and on the phone. As well as the best place to find the best smartphone for you with accessibility features. 

Therapy and Help for Hearing Loss

Therapies and doctors that can help with the impacts of hearing loss, like tinnitus. 

Better Sound

Ways to amplify sounds through technologies like your hearing aids, smartphones and microphones. That can be used in everyday settings, in meetings and conferences, on the phone and in public settings. As well as a website to find the best phone with accessibility features for you.

Wellbeing & Support

Speak to qualified counselors and trained volunteers if you need support or want to improve the moment. 

Equipment, Assistance & Funding for Hearing Loss

Information on where to get support and funding for everyday equipment, work equipment, change of acoustics in your workplace or if you need any interpreters. 

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about the Hearing Accreidted Workplace Programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call Lorien Doherty: And Gen: 

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