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1. Hearing Screening

The Triton Hearing Check is a self-screen designed to see if your hearing sits within the normal listening range, or if a full diagnostic hearing assessment is recommended. Please remember that your free check is not a substitute for a full hearing assessment. The Kiosks/iPad only need to be 1.5 -2m apart purely for client comfort and social distancing measures. Just in a space that’s not too noisy (but a bit of talking etc is totally fine).

Each test takes about 5 minutes – but allow 10 mins when scheduling. The hearing screening is combined with a workshop over a 3-hour block of time, unless otherwise discussed with your HAWP representative. Hand sanitizer should be available for staff to use when using the kiosks.`

The Triton Hearing check has been developed in conjunction with the University of Canterbury and the New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour. It is a self-screen designed to assess if your hearing sits within the normal listening range, or if a full diagnostic hearing assessment is recommended. Please remember that your free hearing check is not a substitute for a full hearing assessment.


The hearing check involves repeating numbers – all three numbers have to be able to have to be said before you can enter them on the screen. If you can’t hear a number, put a 0 in instead of a number. Try and make sure that no one is standing directly behind those being screened as too much background noise can be distracting.


The hearing check looks at your ability to hear numbers when there is competing background noise. Research shows that most people with normal hearing can do this quite well, while people with hearing difficulties need more of a volume difference between the numbers and the background noise. The test measures the minimum volume difference you need in order to correctly hear all 3 numbers in a group.


It is designed to screen hearing and provide an easy to read report – a green “pass” for normal hearing, or a red “refer”.


A refer result indicates that you need a greater volume difference between the numbers and the background noise than most people with normal hearing. While this doesn’t necessary mean you have a hearing loss. It is a strong indicator of some hearing difficulties and a full diagnostic assessment is recommended.


The staff member can request a call back to book a clinical appointment at the end of the test if the staff member enters their email, they will get a copy of the results.


To report back to you the employer on how many staff did the hearing screening and how many were referred we search by the business email address so staff will need to use that email address for the screening.

Our report is non-identifiable.

2. Consent and Privacy

See the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing's Privacy Policy here:


3. Workshops

The team will do a 1-hour presentation on Hearing Health and introduces the Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme to your employees. This helps you to launch the programme to your team. Some companies opt to stream the presentation so more employees have the opportunity, to learn about it.

4. Collateral

A suite of collateral is provided to assist you on your hearing aware journey.

This includes:

  • 1 A3 poster Be hearing loss aware

  • 1 A3 poster Is this meeting hearing aware

  • 2 tent cards to put onto a desk and boardroom table

  • 5 buddy cards for team members who have a hearing loss they may find these useful

  • 1 Take 30 for Hearing loss team activity fundraiser pack.

       (More info about the event Take30: https://www.nfd.org.nz/take-30-for-hearing-loss)


Additional copies of this collateral can be ordered here: https://www.nfdhearinghub.org.nz/ or by contacting Lorien.doherty@nfd.org.nz.

NB. Charges do apply and we are happy for you to pay upon invoice.​

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5. Login Access

For employer

Upon payment of our invoice you can sign up to the online Hearing Hub:

For employees

Employees can sign up for the hub as well https://www.nfdhearinghub.org.nz/. You just need to let us know what level of access they can get. Full site or employee section only.


You provide us with a list of staff that you want to get registered and we will register them for you. For this we need their first and last name and email address.


In summary:

  • Clients need to go to the sign-up page and then they sign up and we approve them

  • Can you ask them to go the home page: https://www.nfdhearinghub.org.nz/

  • And then click Login/sign up

Staff register here:  https://www.nfdhearinghub.org.nz/

We will also need to know what level of access to give the staff members as well. 

Options for this are:


  1. Full access to the site

2. Access to the employee section of the site only

Would you like to talk to someone? We’re here to help.

Phone: 09 307 2922 or 0800 867 446

You can also contact our Community and Corporate Partnership Manager, Lorien Doherty.

Email address: Lorien.doherty@nfd.org.nz


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