The Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme aims to break down barriers and change attitudes towards hearing loss. The Programme provides much-needed training and on-site support services for those with a hearing loss in the workplace.

A lack of recognition for hearing loss in the workplace can have a significant impact on productivity and wellbeing as well as health and safety. It can also impact how well employers are able to attract, recruit and retain the best talent that is out there.


It’s not just older employees close to retirement who may have difficulty hearing. According to the World Health Organisation, hearing loss is on the rise in the youth demographic. More than ever, employers need to take a proactive and flexible approach to better-supporting employees with hearing loss.

The Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme has been carefully developed to ensure that valued employees with hearing loss can thrive, stay connected and be suitably supported. 

The Programme provides practical tools and training modules to assist organisations to become more inclusive of the 300,000+ New Zealanders who are of working age and are deaf or have a hearing loss.

You're Going to Learn
  • How to create a more inclusive and productive workplace, where hearing loss is accommodated and supported.

  • A range of communication skills to help keep the conversation going with employees and customers who have hearing loss.​​​

  • How to identify and repair the potential gaps in the organisation where employees or customers with hearing loss are not being adequately accommodated.

  • How to make adjustments to your health and safety practices or policies to ensure they are fit for purpose.

  • How to create a psychologically healthy environment that is supportive of employee mental health and wellbeing.

  • How to manage noise in the workplace through acoustic design.

  • The range of assistive technologies and support services that are available to employees with hearing loss.

  • How to recruit staff with hearing loss and how to adapt your induction processes to be more inclusive.

  • How to assess your workplace to identify and manage the risks of noise-induced hearing loss.

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