Do I have a hearing loss?
Hearing loss is widespread; it affects over 880,000 New Zealanders.
Early detection and intervention are crucial to minimising the impact of hearing loss. If you think you have a hearing loss, don't delay - get it checked out today.
Take our questionnaire and a free online hearing check to test for any signs of hearing loss. If your results indicate further diagnosis is required - you can also book a free hearing diagnosis at one of our supporting clinics.

Take our questionnaire

If you are unsure whether you have a hearing loss, it could be beneficial to complete our 2-minute questionnaire to see if you are experiencing any of the common signs of hearing loss.

Take a free online hearing check

Take a free online hearing test and determine if you have a potential hearing loss.

There are two options to choose from provided by the World Health Organisation and Triton Hearing.

Seek a professional diagnosis

If your online hearing check indicates signs of hearing loss, we recommend you follow up with a professional diagnosis. We recommend you talk to your physician to discuss any underlying issues.

You can also book a free full diagnostic with Triton Hearing, our programme sponsor, by filling in the form below.

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