Poster for Download & Print

We offer a range of posters you can display in your workplace as visual cues that will help to remind all staff to be more hearing loss aware.  

Support team members and customers with hearing loss by placing visual reminders in areas, such as meeting rooms or at your reception area, where accessible communication is essential.

You can also encourage all staff to be more mindful of the very real risk of noise-induced hearing loss by displaying our Weekly Sound Allowance posters. 

Hearing Aware Meetings Poster

Meetings are often one of the most challenging activities in the workplace for employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing. With a few simple adjustments to how meetings are held in your workplace, a lot can be done to make your meetings accessible to everyone attending.

Hearing Aware Communications Poster

Hearing loss doesn't have to be a barrier to communication in the workplace.


By following these easy to follow communication tips, your team will be more aware of how to keep the conversation going.

Is this Space Hearing Aware Poster

Does your organisation have interlocking spaces where staff and/or customers interact? How hearing loss aware are these spaces?


Small changes to how staff engage in these spaces can make all the difference.   

Weekly Sound Allowance


Did you know our ears have a weekly sound allowance?

This poster will help your team to stay within the safe listening weekly allowance and offers tips for how to look after our hearing for life.

Your Ears are Fragile Poster

Our ears are more fragile than most of us realise. It's easy to take your hearing for granted until permanent damage is done.

Keep noise-induced hearing loss front of mind by displaying the 'Your Ears are Fragile' poster in the workplace.

Your Hearing Accredited Programme Timeline

Stay on top of your Hearing Accreditation schedule by printing out your timeline. If you have any questions about the activities in your timeline, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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