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Tinnitus is the perception of noise, such as ringing, buzzing or clicking in your ears.

Everyone experiences tinnitus sporadically from time to time but usually the perceived noise is very brief. However, for around 15 – 20% of people the buzzing or ringing is permanent.

If the tinnitus is constant and intense it can be very unpleasant and can make it hard to concentrate or fall sleep and can also lead to anxiety or depression.

Having tinnitus does not necessarily mean a person is going deaf but it is a symptom that something has changed in your hearing system and could be an early sign of hearing loss.

Tinnitus usually occurs due to ageing or exposure to loud noise. The brain then tries to make sense of a change in your hearing system, by amplifying the change and therefore creating tinnitus.

Tinnitus can also be caused by head and neck injuries such as whiplash, or by an infection in the ear, stress, raised blood pressure, a drug side effect, surgery or because scuba diving pressure. In certain circumstances, the tinnitus can also be caused by excess ear wax.

It’s important to understand that most cases of tinnitus can’t be cured, only managed. Because of this, a medical professional such as an audiologist should diagnose it and help create a best approach going forward.

Managing tinnitus

Tinnitus Tunes is a Sound Therapy programme that was founded by Tom Donaldson and Dr. Grant Searchfield, two experts in the field of tinnitus at Auckland University.

Tinnitus Tunes was created with two main goals:

1) To provide quality information about tinnitus based on clinical and research experience.

2) To provide tinnitus therapy with a proven record of 15 years. Tinnitus Tunes’ therapy is based around Sound Therapy and Brain Retraining.

When an individual first gets tinnitus, the brain tends to focus mostly on the tinnitus sound. Sound therapy uses sounds to improve tinnitus. It works by re-training the brain by means of increasing activity to the ear. This allows the brain to focus on other sounds mixed with the tinnitus and therefore, reduce the focus on it. Sound therapy is made up of four components.

  1. Partial Masking: having sounds mixed with the tinnitus so it’s more difficult to hear it and as a result providing more control and relief from it.

  2. Relaxation: with positive visualisation and progressive relaxation a person can retrain their brain from having a negative reaction towards the tinnitus sound.  

  3. Attention Diversion and Brain Training: using the brain’s neuroplasticity, sound therapy allows the brain to focus on other sounds rather than the tinnitus and helps the tinnitus fade into the background.

  4. Adaptation: the tunes will provide tinnitus relief and help master tinnitus suppression.

Tinnitus Tunes is a membership-based website, where special sounds can be downloaded that help partially mask tinnitus and refocus attention away from it.

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There are 4 simple reasons to become a Tinnitus Tunes member.

#1 It’s important to work with someone who can help and be trusted.


Auckland University’s Tinnitus team have helped over 80% of their members significantly change their tinnitus. Tinnitus Tunes have over 33 countries using their content and treatment.

#2 Prolonged periods of blissful silence can be achieved


A good night’s sleep can be achieved through the Tinnitus Tunes 12-week programme by no longer being aware of the tinnitus sound. They are now able to enjoy the simple things in life, like listening to music or going out with loved ones.

#3 Take control of your tinnitus


By taking the Tinnitus Tunes 5-minute online quiz, Tinnitus Tunes will be able to offer a 12-week programme based on the type of tinnitus someone may have.

#4 Access to the latest development in tinnitus treatment and research


As Tinnitus Tunes was created by tinnitus experts from Auckland University, they have the luxury to have content from 5 leading universities from around the world. Because of this Tinnitus Tunes have access to the leading and current tinnitus research and treatments which are regularly shared with their Tinnitus Tunes members.


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Click here to sign up to Tinnitus Tunes

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